Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fantasy Taglines

This is something that has been bothering me for a while ... Fantasy Taglines. You know, those mini, descriptive sententences on front covers? Nearly every one I come across is exceedingly lame and not only does nothing to promote the book other than scream 'THIS IS A FANTASY BOOK', I find it hard to convince people that what I am reading is not complete trash. Here are just a few guilty parties ...

"Gods and mortals. Power and love. Death and Revenge. She will unleash them all."
-- The Broken Kingdoms

"What if the Dark Lord won?"
-- The Final Empire

"There is still magic."
-- The Alloy of Law

I had someone look at The Alloy of Law while I was reading it at work and then say in a condescending tone, "There is still magic ..." and my only response was, "Yes ... I know." I totally get that fantasy is inherently nerdy and the stories are on epic enough scales that warrant this kind blatant and over-dramatic statement, but still! I have a feeling it has something to do with the very loud and unsubtle ways that are synonymous with Americans ... no offense guys.

I think we could come up with something a little more creative please, or just leave them off the covers altogether.


  1. Given the examples you've put up, I agree with you, though I'd not noticed this before. I must take a look and find some more cheesy ones on my bookshelf.


    I found one from Kate Elliott's Cold Magic:

    "Dragons dream. Mages scheme. Innocents die."

    Even got a bit of rhyme in that one! I think it's more to do with publishers and marketing than the authors; they need a 'hook' to go with the cover.

  2. I've not noticed this before either!
    I've got to head into town tomorrow morning, and will do doubt be whiling away some time in Waterstones so I'll see if I can find some good ones :)

  3. Sometimes I feel like book covers should be read aloud by the movie trailer guy--you know, the disembodied narrator with the DEEP THUNDEROUS VOICE saying "In a world where blah blah blah...." Which could be irritating, but I love cheese.