Friday, April 6, 2012

UPCOMING RELEASE: The Emperor's Soul by Brandon Sanderson

I don't usually do these kinds of posts because I like to leave them to the people who make it their business to keep their finger on the fantasy literature pulse and keep informed people like me. But! Any unanticipated new release by Brandon Sanderson is pretty exciting and so I wanted to share it with you all. Mistborn, The Way of Kings, Elantris and Warbreaker all rank in my top favourite books and so I am sure this one will not disappoint!

I absolutely love the cover, although this will be the first novel as a part of the Cosmere (the Universe in which nearly all Sanderson's novels take place) that doesn't have the matching white covers. I have a feeling they will most likely release one anyway along with the one above.

But enough about me and more about the book! Like Alloy of Law, this one will be a shorter novel (around 30,000 words apparently), which is just as well because if it was any longer I would have so scold Brandon for not focusing on more important things like the sequel to The Way of Kings. Expected release date is December this year - so quite manageable! I'll leave you with the blurb;
"Shai is a Forger, a foreigner who can flawlessly copy and re-create any item by rewriting its history with skillful magic. Though condemned to death after trying to steal the emperor’s scepter, she is given one opportunity to save herself. Despite the fact that her skill as a Forger is considered an abomination by her captors, Shai will attempt to create a new soul for the emperor, who is almost dead from the attack of assassins.

Delving deeply into his life, she discovers Emperor Ashravan’s truest nature—and the opportunity to exploit it. Her only possible ally is one who is truly loyal to the emperor, but councilor Gaotona must overcome his prejudices to understand that her forgery is as much artistry as it is deception.

Skillfully deducing the machinations of her captors, Shai needs a perfect plan to escape. The fate of the kingdom lies in one impossible task. Is it possible to create a forgery of a soul so convincing that it is better than the soul itself?"


  1. Hi, I'll have to check that author out at the public library. thanks for the heads-up. Gotta go, more blog-hopping to do. Regards to you, Ruby

  2. Hi, thanks for the tip. The premise of the book sounds intriguing. Must check it out. Thanks!

    E is for 'East of the Sun and West of the Moon'

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